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Flawless Imposter August 6, 2008

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Flawless skin is in every season but how do you get the flawless look without O’ so flawless skin? Foundation primer! It gives a radiant finish to any type of skin. All you need is a dime size drop then simply distribute evenly, covering your entire face. This will fill in any fine lines and scarring you’ve been trying to hide. Your face will feel smooth as silk. Apply your foundation over the base. This will leave your skin looking sleek, brilliant and flawless. The foundation will actually last longer on your face. My personal fav is Smashbox photo finish, you can pick one up in any Sephora.



Shade Yourself in Style

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Finding the perfect sun hat is important this summer. Keeping your face out of the sun is a must! Especially if you want to keep your skin looking healthy and young. I personally prefer a nice floppy large brim hat to keep my face entirely out of the sun. There are a ton of super cute sun hats out there. It’s a great accessory for the beach and you’re protecting your skin! J.CREW has a great sun hat, its sleek and neutral. It’s certain, this sun blocker will go with any color suit you choose. You can find it on



Hiding Dark Circles December 4, 2007

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Dark circles under your eye are tough to conceal.  Here is a useful guide when trying to hide the dull troublesome area.

1. Use a full coverage concealer that has a pink undertone.  A small amount of pink pigment brightens dull dark areas. 

2. The concealer should be close to your skin tone.

3. Pat the concealer while applying, blend and layer until the dark area disappears.  If the concealer is dry mix a wee bit of eye cream in with it.

If your under eye area is much darker than the rest of your skin tone, you need to use a concealer that is closer to the under eye color.  Otherwise if you use a concealer that is too light, the end result will appear ashy.

For ladies who have an  indian decent or are genetically predisposed to severly dark under eyes, you should use a  small speck of deep red lipstick.  Then cover the area with a concealer that is between your skin tone and under eye color.




The Itty-Bitty Mini! December 3, 2007

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The oh soo short mini dress is very cheeky, bold and elegant.  It doesn’t have to be sleezy just because it’s super short, when wearing this sassy style don’t bare all!  If you are showing off your lengthy limbs cover up the torso with a higher cut of fabric.  Make sure the top of the dress isn’t exceedingly low cut.



Lips that Shine November 30, 2007

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Shiny lips are the best way to add a pout to your kisser.  One problem I find with a lot of different lip glosses is that they don’t seem to last very long and I’m constantly  re-applying.  The secret is MAC lipglass, it has a thicker consistency than most glosses.  Lipglass adds  an extreme gleam to your lips, lasts much longer than most of its competitors and you don’t have to repeatedly re-apply.  Any lip gloss that is heavier in consistency will wear for a lengthier period of time.  A dab will do you.  Limit yourself when applying the lusterous shine, it will get messy if you over do it.  All you need is a smudge in the center of your lip.

Click here for MAC lipglass


                                                            slimshine_390.jpg     lipglass.jpg


Mustard Madness November 27, 2007

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Hold the ketchup, because tis the season for the new must-have color mustard yellow!  It all began with Fall 2007 runway shows when top designers displayed splashes of mustard on their models.  This popular trend is popping up in Milan, Paris and London.

When wearing this shade be sure not to over do it.  Wear splashes of this color, for example in a hand bag, a pair of heels or a cute top.   

Don’t combine all three pieces, just choose one.


chloe-bay-double-pocket-purse.jpg  shoes_iaec1017795.jpg valentino.jpg


The Perfect Brow November 26, 2007

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The right shape for your brows differs from person to person.  Take a look at your brow to see where it naturally arches and that is where the arch in your brow will begin. The best brow shape usually starts out as a straight line to the arch.  Then the brow will slightly curve and taper toward the end.

Don’t get carried away with arching the brow.  All you need is a slight arch.

Don’t pluck your brows too thin, you don’t want them to vanish.

Eyebrows are difficult to get just right on your own.  You should go to a salon that has a good reputation for waxing and shaping eyebrows.  After a professional waxes your brows you will have a nice base shape.  It will be easy for you to tweese the new hairs growing in because they will be much shorter than the rest.


eyebrow.jpg  perfecteye.jpg